Board of Directors

Mrs. Huma Kumari G.C. (Anju)

Board Member

Date of Birth : 2030/10/14 (27 January 1974)

National Cooperative Federation of Nepal,
Pulchowk, Lalitpur, Nepal


Represented Association

Multipurpose Cooperative Union Limited, Baglung. The association, which started in 2070 BS, has 41 affiliated organizations. The association has a role to play in the promotion of the district’s multi-purpose campaign.

Primary Cooperative Society

Adarsh Sanchar Cooperative Ltd, Baglung. Since its inception, the organization has been operating Dhaulagiri Jagran Daily, Agrasar Weekly and Adarsh The organization has also partnered in the operation of Dhaulagiri Television. At present, the organization has 2300 members.


    Involved in cooperative movement since 2058 BS.

    Former Chairman of Resh Multipurpose Cooperative ltd  for two terms

    Founder President of Multipurpose District Cooperative Union.

    Since 2075, she has been working as the Chairman of Adarsh Sanchar Sahakari Sanstha and Treasurer of District Cooperative Union.

Attitude towards Cooperatives