NCF consists of a Board of Directors (25 members) and management staffs who carry out day to day functions. The general assembly elects the Board of Directors for a 4-year term. The Board comprises of Chairperson, 3 Senior Vice-chairpersons, Vice Chairperson, 20 members including 1 immediate past Chairperson as ex-officio members, at least 33% of women with 1 officials. The General Manager of NCF serves as the secretary of the Board. The Accounts Supervisory Committee comprises 3 members including a convener.

As per the current business plan of NCF/N, it has 6 (Six) departments which are as follows:

  • Administration and Human Resource Management
  • Education and Training
  • Account, Finance and Planning
  • Research and Development
  • Institutional and International Relations
  • Marketing
  • Monitoring
  • Consultation
  • Communication and Publishing
  • Information and Technology