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NCF/N has 20 central level cooperative unions namely: Consumer, Savings and Credit, Dairy, Agriculture, Bee Keeping, Vegetable and Fruits, Citrus (Junar), Tea, Sugarcane, Health, Coffee, Herbal, Electricity, Multipurpose, Information and Communication, Fishery, Seed, and Tourism. In addition, its members include a National Cooperative Bank, 306 district level cooperative unions. It also has 13 associated members.

NCF provides full membership and associate membership.

Full membership

Only the following kinds of cooperative unions and institutions can be the full members for which each union has to purchase at least one unit of share.

  1. Central cooperative unions
  2. District level cooperative union
  3. Government and government owned institutions
  4. Financial and banking institutions
  5. Foreign cooperatives and institutions which are members of the International Cooperative Alliance
Associate membership

Primary cooperatives and national and international non-governmental organizations having similar objectives of cooperation can be the associate members. For this, they should purchase at least 5 units of share. The associate members enjoy the privileges as full members except right to vote.